was founded in 2004, and is operated by longtime collectibles dealer and collector Richard Halegua. Now, we are!

q8FmES3RRich grew up in New York City and started collecting comic books and movie posters in the early 1960s when those hobbies were in their infancy. Selling comics as early as 1966, Rich knew he loved buying and selling collectibles and has never stopped since. While growing up in New York City, he attended all of the early comic book conventions run by the legendary Phil Seuling every July 4th starting at the Staler-Hilton Hotel across from Madison Square Garden in 1968. These annual conventions were seminal events and collectors of every kind came from all over the world to attend.

Later in the 1980s Rich moved to Ohio and became one of the top dealers in original comic art, opening up the Comic Art & Graffix Gallery in 1986 exhibiting classic art by comic strip and comic book artists including Jack Kirby, Hal Foster, Alex Raymond, George Herriman, Joe Shuster and hundreds of others.

In 1993 Rich moved to Las Vegas and slowed down his selling so he could focus on collecting movie posters and having fun in the sun. He couldn’t keep away for long though and started actively selling movie posters, eventually taking over and starting weekly auctions in 2006 and now, with this all-new site relaunch, we have transitioned to and we hope that you will enjoy our site more than ever.

Since 2006 we have sold over 100,000 movie posters and related collectibles through our auctions and we aren’t done yet!

We plan on continuing to offer great collectibles in our auctions and sales for a long time.. Join us now, if you haven’t already!


What We Offer

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Film Noir-52 Purchase your comic books and/or vintage movie posters from one of the largest catalogues available on the internet. New stock is being added monthly so remember to sign up for our newsletter to receive updates!

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Film Noir-50With regular auctions you can bid for rare original movie posters and/or comic books, all in one place and at the same time!

Your Collection – Managed Sale or for Auction

Film Noir Filled-50With one of the lowest consignment rates available we can provide a full service auction and/or sales service for your collection.
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