Please note, we no longer take consignments, but we do buy collections and warehouse sized finds of collectibles.

Send your posters to:

Richard Halegua –
P.O. Box 30515
Las Vegas NV 89173

Phone: 702-285-3554

We sell all types of posters. One-sheets, window cards, lobby cards, inserts, three-sheets, French posters, British, Australian, Belgian, Polish and many other types from 1890 to now. We have successful auctions of all types of posters, even Rock and Roll, Travel and Advertising posters and other related memorabilia from Comic Books, Original Comic Art, Pulp Magazines, Big Little Books, Cereal Premiums and more.


Call Richard on 702-285-3554 or via email form below (note, all fields are required)[contact-form-7 id=”2205″ title=”Consign Form”]